Apple Watch’s ‘Companion App’ reveals new details, Monogram clock face feature and more

image Apple Watch layout

On January 12, the release of the latest version of iOS 8.2’s beta release revealed that the Apple Watch, which is set to launch sometime in the early part of 2015, will indeed have a companion app.

Now, that app has reportedly been revealed in a new, detailed in-depth look at the pre-release software from 9to5Mac. The information is sourced from an anonymous entity, but does indeed seem to shed light on the app that will serve as the main communication tool/settings changer for the future wearable from Apple. According to the report, the app right now within Apple is being called the “Companion App for iPhone,” but there seems to be some speculation as to whether or not this will remain the name when it launches later this year.

As one can imagine, the app functions as a way to change settings on the Apple Watch, as well as alter some of the interactivity options between the smartphone and wearable.

One of the more interesting aspects of the companion app is the fact that the general layout of the Apple Watch’s main home screen seems to be configurable to some degree, as revealed by the image at the top of this post. This customization will be possible via a virtualization of the smartwatch’s home screen that will be displayed on the iPhone as it is accessed. Users will then be able to move around certain apps, to put them where they want them.

There are several different other aspects to the information that the publication received, including the ability to imprint a digital monogram on certain clock faces. This means that the wearer can put a series of letters, up to four it seems, and “imprint” them on a certain clock face to give it that bit more of individuality.

A new clock face feature called Monogram has been added as a complication (a background detail you can choose to enable or disable). Like a real monogram, this feature will allow users to include a virtual, embedded stamp of 1-4 letters – typically your initials – directly on the clock face. This is an interesting customization, giving you the chance to make your watch look more individually designed.

Users will also be able to implement a small red dot that will appear on the clock face, near the top, when a notification appears on the iPhone.

Other details include the ability to turn on or turn off “Read Receipts” from messages that are sent via the Watch, while also being able to set up and manage automatic text replies that can be sent from the Watch. Users will also be able to set up a four-digit Passcode for the Watch, which can be different from the one set up on an iPhone, but works in the same way. Unsurprisingly, for Apple Pay to work via the Watch a Passcode will need to be implemented:

Like on the iPhone, you will be able to set up a dedicated four number passcode for your Apple Watch.

image Apple Watch companion app settings

The passcode system is required to use Apple Pay; you can only make Apple Pay payments if you’ve entered the passcode after putting the watch on your wrist. If you remove or change your passcode, you will need to re-enter the details for your Apple Pay credit cards.”

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Check out the rest of the details as revealed in the series of leaked images and details through the source link below.

[via 9to5Mac]