iOS 8 adoption rate climbs to 68%

image iOS 8 adoption Jan 2015

When iOS 8 launched in September 2014, the adoption rate was seen as not so positive when compared to previous mobile OS releases from Apple, including iOS 7.

But, everything is eventual, especially when it comes to software from Apple running on the company’s most popular devices. Through the weeks after the launch, iOS 8’s adoption has improved quite a bit. In a report published on November 12, 2014, iOS 8’s adoption had climbed to 56% of active iOS devices on the market. Of course, as usual, Apple’s reporting comes from active iOS devices reaching out to the App Store.

The latest numbers, which represent data pulled from the App Store on January 5, 2015, show that iOS 8 has now reached an adoption level of 68 percent. That means that for devices connecting to the App Store, that 29% of them are running iOS 7, while only four percent are running earlier variants of iOS.

The numbers will continue to go up before they plateau, but then Apple will more than likely have a new version of iOS to start tracking.

[via Apple]