iOS 9 Concept showcases Night Mode, Apple Watch-like Home screen, Improved Settings app and more

iOS 9 Concept

Apple is widely expected to unveil iOS 9, its next major mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at the WWDC in June.

YouTuber Ralph Theodory has created a cool concept video, which showcases some of the features he would like to see in iOS 9.

Here’s a summary of some of the best features from Theodory’s iOS 9 concept:

  • Night mode that makes it easier to read text in the night. Developers have been adding night mode in their apps, so it would be nice to have this at an iOS level, with an option to change to Night mode automatically.
  • The ability to search in the Settings app, and also access the change history for the settings so that you can easily revert back the changes. It would be nice to have this one.
  • The Apple Watch-like Home screen with circular icons. Jailbreak tweaks like Aeternum and WatchBoard bring the Apple Watch Home screen to jailbroken iPhone. It’s quite cool, but personally I am not a big fan of it as I think it makes it difficult to find apps. It seems fine for Apple Watch’s small screen, but seems like an overkill for the iPhone or iPad.
  • A feature called ‘Color Look’ which allows you to customize the color of the buttons, UI elements and Control Center. I like the idea though the Theodory’s implementation doesn’t look good.

You can watch the video below to check out the other features in Theodory’s iOS 9 wish list:

What’s on your iOS 9 wish list? Let me know in the comments below.