Rumor: iPhone 6s to feature dual-lens camera and ‘Force Touch’ pressure sensitive touch technology

iPhone 6 Camera

According to Asian supply chain sources of UDN, Apple is looking to use a dual-lens design on the next generation of iPhones along with optical zoom. The company is also looking to increase the size of the sensors to allow more light to reach to them, which will ultimately lead to an improved image quality especially in low-light. 

The report from UDN also suggests that Apple will be using three-dimensional touch sensors supplied by TPK on the iPhone 6s bringing Force Touch to the device. Apple is already using its Force Touch technology on the upcoming Apple Watch that allows the interface to distinguish touches made by the user depending on the force applied by them.

Apparently, Apple will also be using these touch sensors to accurately measure the heart rate and blood pressure level of iPhone users, though this seems a bit too far fetched.

The camera has become one of the most important aspects to a smartphone these days, and one of the companies leading that charge is Apple. The iPhones have long been praised for their superior image quality and camera experience compared to the competition. With many dual lens imaging solutions already present in the market, it is very much possible that Apple uses a similar technology to further improve the image quality on the next generation iPhones.

Well known Apple blogger, John Gruber had also claimed that according to his sources iPhone 6s could come with the “biggest camera jump ever”, and had suggested Apple could implement a dual-lens system for the camera on the back.

[Via UDN]