Macs fill up the press gallery during the President’s State of the Union address, making it look like an Apple ad

image SOTU press box with Macs

On Tuesday, January 20, the President of the United States held the annual State of the Union address. Above the stage, the press gallery held quite an event of its own.

As tweeted out by Huffington Post‘s Congressional reporter Michael McAuliff, the press gallery above the main stage where the President, Vice President, and many other congressional entities stood was filled with glowing Apple logos. Put subtly by McAuliff, the press gallery looked like an Apple ad.

The MacBook lineup has quickly become one of the more common elements at many press events, especially at tech-focused events, but seeing the gallery filled with the familiar glowing apples shows just how prevalent Apple’s laptops have become. Seeing a MacBook at a coffee shop is normal, but seeing a press gallery at a major political event filled with the devices is practically something special.

[via @mmcauliff]