Nuntius: Jailbreak tweak brings Quick Reply feature to Whatsapp


Whatsapp is one of the most popular cross platform messaging apps for iOS and something that I use daily on my iPhone to stay in touch with friends and families. The app has been receiving new features regularly, but I’m still disappointed that the developers haven’t added native Quick Reply to it yet.

If you’re a jailbreak user, you’ll be glad to find out about a tweak known as Nuntius that promises to bring this feature to Whatsapp. With the tweak installed, you can easily respond to Whatsapp messages from the Notification banner, no matter whether you’re inside the app or not.

Once you receive a message from Whatsapp, simply swipe down the Notification Banner and a text field appears where you can type in your reply and send it right away without opening the app. Along with individual conversations, the tweak supports group messages as well.

After installing Nuntius, there are no settings to configure. Simply swipe down the notification banner from Whatsapp and respond to the messages from anywhere in iOS.

As a long time and frequent user of Whatsapp, I’ve been eagerly waiting for a tweak like this which brings Quick Reply to the messaging app and I can say that Nuntius does its job perfectly. It doesn’t create any issues and works perfectly as advertised.

The tweak is currently in beta and might have some bugs, but if you’d like to get your hands on it, you’ll have to add a new source to Cydia. To do so, launch Cydia and head to Sources -> Edit -> Add and type in the following URL: Once done, simply search for the tweak in Cydia and install it.

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