Samsung reportedly wins the order to produce Apple Watch processors


A report from Digitimes suggests that Samsung’s semiconductor division has won the order from Apple to build processors that will be used inside the upcoming Apple Watch. 

The processor built by Samsung will be packaged inside the S1 chip from Apple. Aside from the processor, the chip also comprises of DRAM and NAND modules and a few other sensors. According to Digitimes “insider sources,” Apple has placed orders for 3000 to 4000 12-inch wafers on the 28nm fabrication process from Samsung on a monthly basis.

The report also states that many industry analysts have lowered their sales prediction of the Apple Watch to only 10M for 2015. However, they are optimistic about the second generation of the Watch doing well in 2016 because of improved software features and battery life.

The Apple Watch is reportedly set to hit the stores in March 2015 with retail training for the employees starting from February 9th.

Apple using a 28nm fabrication process based processor inside the Apple Watch sounds a bit sketchy to me, especially since the company is already using 20nm based chips inside the A8 and A8X. Using a 20nm fabrication based processor will improve the battery life of the Apple Watch drastically, whilst also helping it in running cooler while under load. Additionally, Samsung is already manufacturing processors based on the 20nm fabrication process for itself as well as Apple. So, it does not really make much sense for Apple to use a 28nm fabrication based processor inside its upcoming Watch.

[Via Digitimes]