Samsung will be main chip maker for next iPhone


While they may be bitter rivals, Apple can’t help but rely on Samsung for its iPhone parts. Sources say the South Korean company will continue to be the main chip supplier for Apple’s next iPhone, which is likely to make its debut this fall.

“Samsung will be responsible for around 75 percent of the chip production for the next iPhone,” Reuters reports, citing the South Korean paper Maeil Business Newspaper. It’s unclear how much Samsung’s contract is worth, or which other company will make the rest of the chips.

Samsung’s Galaxy-branded smartphones have long been the iPhone’s main competitor, leading to several disputes between Apple and Samsung over patent infringement claims. Back in May, Apple was awarded more damages after a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing its iPhone patents.

Previous reports have claimed that Apple is looking to move its supply away from Samsung, but because its products are so popular, it has struggled to find a supplier that can meet such a demand. For now, then, the company has little choice but to continue to do business with a rival.

Maeil’s source says Samsung will manufacture Apple’s next-generation iPhone chips — which should be called the A9 — in Austin, Texas. A spokeswoman for the company said it would not comment on market speculation.