Strong demand for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus help Foxconn and TSMC post record revenues in Q4 2014

Foxconn Apple

TSMC and Foxconn today released their financial figures for the fourth quarter of 2014 with bumper revenues. 

While TSMC revenues increased by 40 percent on a YoY basis to NT$69.51 billion ($2.17 bllion), Foxconn’s revenue increased by a modest 5 percent to NT$515.57 billion ($16.24 billion). Both companies had a bumper quarter thanks to the strong demand of the new iPhones.

TSMC is reported to supply Apple with the majority of the A8 processors used inside the new iPhones, while Foxconn assembles the handsets for the Cupertino company. Foxconn has been a major partner of Apple in assembling iPhones in the past, which is why it reported only a modest revenue growth of 5 percent. The company is also reported to invest $2.6 billion on building a factory to solely manufacture displays for Apple.

However, this was the first time that TSMC built the majority of processors for Apple, the contract for which has traditionally gone to Samsung’s semiconductor division. Reports suggest that the Taiwanese company has once again lost to Samsung in fabricating processors for the upcoming Apple Watch though.

Apparently, both companies are still fighting over the contract on supplying the majority of processors for the next generation iPhone in 2015.

[Via Apple Insider]