Apple now starting Watch training for retail employees

apple watch hero
Apple reportedly is beginning to train its retail employees about the Apple Watch, according to 9to5Mac. The Cupertino company is kicking off training in multiple countries, including the US and UK.

The training reportedly is basic in content, revealing very few new details about the upcoming smartwatch product. In line with earlier rumors, the initial training is expected to take place between February 9 and 16. As the early phases of training commences, select employees also will receive additional hands-on training at Apple facilities in either Cupertino, California or Austin, Texas.

After months of speculation, Apple announced its Watch wearable at a September 2014 press event that also saw the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Since its unveiling, Apple continues to showcase the Watch but has revealed few additional details about the smartwatch. What is known about the device confirms it will integrate closely with an iPhone and will offer both productivity and health and fitness features. The Watch also includes several technological innovations including a digital crown for scrolling and zooming as well as a force-sensing, flexible retina display.

Apple initially announced an early 2015 launch date for the Watch wearable, but CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed during a recent earnings conference call that the Apple Watch is on schedule to ship in April. Retail pricing has not been confirmed but the entry-level Apple Watch is expected to debut for $349. A fitness-focused Apple Watch Sport and luxury Apple Watch Edition likely will command a higher price tag. The Watch Edition is expected to receive jewelry store treatment with custom-designed safes to deter theft when the store is closed.