Apple teams up with Pinterest to improve app discovery


Apple has joined forces with Pinterest in an effort to make it easier for users to discover new apps. Launching today, a new product called App Pins hopes to do the same for iOS apps and games that Pinterest has already done for things like recipes, photos, and lots more.

If you’re already a Pinterest user, you’ll be familiar with how the service works. But for those who aren’t, it’s like a kind of digital corkboard where users “pin” all of the things they love or find interesting. Their friends and followers can then visit their board and check out what they’re into.

With App Pins, Pinterest users can add their favorite iOS apps to their board, thereby encouraging visitors to download them. What’s more, Apple is giving Pinterest the ability to serve apps directly, so you can download titles you’re interested in without having to leave the Pinterest app.

If you’re looking for a great new health and fitness app, then, or you need help managing your budget, you can search Pinterest for things like “health” or “finance” and see the apps users are sharing with those tags.

Likewise, if you’ve stumbled across an awesome new app you think others would be interested in, you can pin it to share it with your friends.

“We can be a really powerful service for app discovery, which is a problem that still really hasn’t been solved,” Pinterest founder Evan Sharp told The New York Times. “Our specialty is really connecting people to the things they want to do.”

The App Store’s incredible growth means there are now more than 1.4 million titles available for iPhone and iPad users. The upside of that is there’s an app for almost everything; the downside is finding the diamond in the rough is becoming increasingly difficult.

So far, Apple has struggled to deliver a good app discovery service on its own, despite acquiring firms like Chomp, which specialize in this area. So turning to already popular services like Pinterest — and perhaps other social networks later on — could well be the answer.

With around 70 million regular visitors, Pinterest is sure to boost App Store downloads even further. As of February 1, 2015, more than 75 billion titles had been downloaded since its inception alongside the iPhone 3G back in 2008.

[via The New York Times]