BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe joins Apple in unannounced role, presumably to join revamped Beats Music team

image BBC Zane Lowe

While one of the major talking points for Apple leading into 2015 has been the Apple Watch, as of late the majority of attention has been going towards Beats Music and the unknown future ahead of it.

A revamped Beats Music service has been the center of debate for several months now, basically ever since Apple acquired Beats Electronics, but right near the end of 2014 and well into 2015, the rumors that something big is coming from Apple has really picked up. Indeed, reports that Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, went to a pre-Grammy party just to talk up this new music streaming service, make it more evident than ever that Apple is apparently very serious about this new initiative.

Now, a new report from the BBC has fanned the flames yet again, as the organization has announced that one of its most popular DJs, Zane Lowe, will be leaving his post and heading to the west coast of the United States. The BBC has confirmed that Lowe will be joining the Apple ranks, but was not able to reveal just what the music aficionado will be doing for the company. Lowe, for his own part, has been one of the strongest entities in the United Kingdom when it comes to discovering new music, so his addition at Apple, specifically within whatever new music-based initiative the company is working on, just makes a lot of sense.

Lowe will be leaving the BBC in March. It’s rumored that the revamped Beats Music will launch in the summer of 2015.

[via BBC]