‘GMT bug’ in Calendar app fixed in iOS 8.2 beta 5

GMT bug

If you’re facing the GMT bug in the Calendar app in iOS 8, then you may have to wait for iOS 8.2 for a fix.

It looks like Apple has fixed the bug in iOS 8.2 beta 5 that was released yesterday. 

The issue is know as “GMT” bug as it adds a secondary time and time zone entry to the Calendar event as you can see in the screenshot above, which is causing some confusion. The issue seems to occur when the event is synced to other iOS devices with the incorrect time and time zone. It appears to be affecting users who are using Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar in the Calendar app.

Apple had acknowledged the issue, and some users were disappointed that it was not fixed in iOS 8.1.3, which was released earlier in the week.

Apple seems to finally fixed the issue in iOS 8.2 according to some user reports. But you will probably have to wait for more than two more months as Apple is widely expected to release iOS 8.2 along with the launch of the Apple Watch, which is scheduled to ship in April, unless you’re a developer and have access to iOS 8.2 beta 5.

The issue is only in the stock Calendar app, so you can use a third party app as a work around. Don’t forget to check out our favorite Calendar apps.

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