iOS 8.2 rumored to launch sometime in March

image iPhone Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch launches in April, as previously confirmed by Tim Cook himself, it will do so with iOS 8.2 installed on iPhones for better compatibility.

It’s been believed for quite some time that iOS 8.2 will shepherd in the launch of the Watch, just as iOS 8.1 heralded the launch of Apple Pay before it. And, as aforementioned, Tim Cook confirmed that the Watch is currently on schedule to begin shipping in April, which would lead many to suggest that iOS 8.2 will launch sometime in the same timeframe.

However, a report published recently by BGR indicates that Apple may be aiming to launch the new software for its iPhones a little bit ahead of the incoming wearable. The report stipulates that Apple will actually launch iOS 8.2 sometime in March, which means it could come as early as a whole month before the Watch officially goes up for sale.

A launch of iOS 8.2 in March actually makes quite a bit of sense, considering how many iPhones are out there in the wild right now. As Apple has seen first-hand in the past, not every software upgrade goes without a hitch, and for the software that’s going to pair the iPhone with the Watch, iOS 8.2 is some of the most important software that Apple has launched to date. Staggering the launch of the software and the hardware means that if there are issues, Apple can address them accordingly.

[via BGR]