iOS 8.2 rumored to launch next week, iOS 8.3 expected soon after

iOS 8.2 logo

Right now, Apple has two pre-releases versions of iOS out there in the wild for developers to look into, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.2 is on its late iteration by now, while iOS 8.3 just saw the release of its second beta. Now, a new report published by BGR claims that Apple could be gearing up to launch iOS 8.2 as early as the first week of March. More than that, though, the report goes further to claim that iOS 8.3, which could see as few as four betas, could be released soon after the public launch of iOS 8.2.

Indeed, it is believed that Apple’s iOS 8.3 is the mobile platform that will offer support for the upcoming Apple Watch, which is rumored to launch in the first week of April, so with iOS 8.2 at the beginning of March it would make sense that Apple would want a quick upgrade to iOS 8.3.

As far as it stands right now, what we know about iOS 8.2 is quite a bit, thanks to the many iterations of its beta released over the course of several weeks. Interestingly enough, a report surfaced not too long ago that suggested iOS 8.3 would see a public beta before its official launch, so it will be interesting to see if that pans out.

Apple has scheduled a March 9 “Spring forward” media event, where it is believed they will showcase the Apple Watch again, and perhaps go into details regarding iOS 8.3.

[via BGR]