Poll: Are you disappointed that Apple dropped the Watch’s health-related features?

18-Karat Gold Apple WatchApple may be launching its Watch wearable with an industry standard pulse-rate monitor, but the company had bigger plans when the idea for the device was first conceived. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch was supposed to include cutting edge health sensor technology such as heart-rate monitoring and blood oxygen measurements, but those plans were scrapped. The question for today’s poll is “Are you disappointed that Apple had to remove the Watch’s health-related features?”

Apple may have wanted to develop a health and fitness device, but the company was forced to rethink its plans when the device failed in the testing stage. During its testing, Apple discovered that the current oxygen and heart-rate sensors were not as reliable as the company would like. Readings were inconsistent, and the results varied based on how the user wore the device. Apple also faced regulatory scrutiny from the FDA as some of the proposed health features could be used for diagnostic purposes.

As a result, Apple opted to scale down the health features and designed the watch more as a fashion accessory and productivity device. Are you disappointed that Apple had to remove the Watch’s health-related features? If you are on the fence about purchasing the Apple Watch, would you buy the device if it shipped with these extra features? Let us know in the comments.