Part of the team working on the rumored Apple Car has been revealed

image Apple Car team

Rumors building up around the Apple Car refuse to slow down, and now a new report has surfaced that allegedly reveals part of the team that has been put together to develop the project from the ground up.

According to sources speaking with 9to5Mac, the publication has put together a list of many key individuals that have been put on the Apple Car team. Previously, a report surfaced that suggested Apple is currently building an electric vehicle, and their intentions are serious enough that they’ve put together a team consisting of “hundreds” of experts within many industries, many of which are pulled directly from the automobile industry. Another report suggested that the electric car will also be self-driving, and at least a pair of videos capturing the Apple-marked mini vans have been published since first appearing on the scene in California.

As revealed in the report, the individuals comprised of the team range in their expertise, but it is quite evident that Apple is not looking at this issue simply from a software point of view, but also from the hardware. Several of the most high-profile individuals are hires from companies like Ford and Tesla, including many other companies that are intricately connected to the automobile industry.

Indeed, while Steve Zadesky is reportedly leading the team, many individuals have a hardware background, and not software, so it would seem reasonable to assume that Apple’s goals with this project aren’t merely to come up with something even more involved than CarPlay, but to truly piece together a car. Of course, nothing is official at this point, but as noted in the report, many of the people hired joined Apple right around the time that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, reportedly green-lit the Apple Car project more than a year ago.

Some of the names include:

  • Robert Gough: Hired in January 2015 from Autoliv, a company that designs safety systems for autos.
  • David Nelson: Another recent hire, was previously a Tesla engineer
  • John Ireland: Another engineer from Tesla, another recent hire for Apple

The list goes on quite a bit, and is certainly an intriguing look at what kind of team Apple has put together for this particular project. Interestingly enough, the former General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson, came forward in a recent interview and suggested that Apple doesn’t know what it’s getting into by jumping into the car industry. While it’s certainly possible, one can only imagine what a company like Apple could put together with the team they’ve alleged put together.

[via 9to5Mac]