Tim Cook allegedly told an Apple employee the Watch will be showerproof, Pay coming to Europe ‘by end of year’

image Apple Watch water

The Apple Watch is coming soon, but there are still plenty of details about the wearable that are still unknown to the general public.

That includes seemingly important details like the Watch’s resistance to water, and what that actually means. When it comes to a wearable, being water resistant is pretty important, especially as a device that can be used as a fitness tracker, where sweat is very likely to come into contact with it. Plus, getting clean is pretty important, too, and taking the Watch off before a shower, or before a workout, would get old pretty quickly. We know the Watch is water resistant to some point, for what it’s worth.

Thankfully, according to a report from iGen, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook allegedly told an Apple employee at the Kurfürstendamm Apple Store that he wears his Watch all the time, “even in the shower.” While that doesn’t necessarily provide all of the details some might want, it does at least indicate that owners can wear the watch in the shower.

The battery life in the Watch is still a point of contention for Apple, but it would appear that the company hasn’t been able to get past that one day battery life, as Cook also allegedly confirmed he takes the wearable off every night to charge it.

And, finally, there’s Apple Pay, which has had its sights set on Europe for quite some time, based on previous reports. Indeed, a report recently suggested Visa’s own plans for tokenization within the region could speed up the arrival of Apple’s mobile payments system, but it looks like Apple isn’t in any kind of rush. The same report also confirms that Apple’s Pay plans for Europe measure up to “before the end of the year.”

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