Typo Products ordered to pay BlackBerry $860,000 for the Typo keyboard

image Typo for iPhone 6

Back at the tail-end of 2013 Typo Products, of which Ryan Seacrest invested quite a bit in, revealed the Typo keyboard — a physical keyboard accessory for the iPhone lineup.

Almost immediately after the unveiling, Typo Products fell into hot water with BlackBerry, the company that obviously spurned plenty of design ideas for the Typo keyboard. In March of 2014 the company was ordered by a court to halt sales, but apparently that order was not followed and now Typo Products owes BlackBerry upwards of $860,000.

While Typo continued to sell its products despite the order from the court, BlackBerry filed yet another motion, this time a contempt of court order. The $860,000 payout to BlackBerry is the result of that order. While that number is quite large, it’s small in comparison to the $2.6 million that BlackBerry originally asked for, while also requested that Typo Products cover any attorney fees that had been accrued.

Of course, Typo Products didn’t simply just continue selling the original Typo keyboard, they also turned to new products, and showcased the Typo 2 keyboard and also plans for a physical keyboard accessory for the iPad.

Have you ever tried out a Typo keyboard?

[via Re/code]