Apple’s Lisa Jackson talks about the company’s environmental impact and running on renewable energy

image Apple solar farm

Apple has been focused on preserving the environment, in any way that it can, for quite some time. In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, the company’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, opens up on what that means.

Jackson was speaking at the WSJ‘s ECO:nomics conference recently, and talked quite a bit about Apple’s extensive efforts to preserve the natural world around us, even as they continue to build the products people want to buy. That ranges in efforts, from smaller tasks to giant investments like the $850 million that went into a new solar farm in Monterey, California, recently.

But I do think Apple owes something back and that is to bring the innovation that goes into our products and technology to this field of clean energy or resource efficiency. And I do believe that when the private sector figures out how to do it, it makes it so much easier for policy makers in Washington to say, “OK. Now we see a real example that a company can make money and return lots of money to investors, but still be on the right side of sustainability.

Jackson goes on to note the importance of renewable energy, and how Apple can serve as a reminder that functioning on renewable energy is possible, even for the biggest companies.

[via The Wall Street Journal]