Apple releases Safari betas for Mavericks and Mountain Lion developers

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On Wednesday, March 18, Apple released betas for developers running Safari on Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

The Safari beta for Mavericks is version 7.1.5, while the software version for the Mountain Lion variant is 6.2.5. Apple did not include the same beta release for developers running Safari on Yosemite because it’s bundled with the latest beta of OS X 10.10.3, which Apple is releasing in both developer and public betas.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s included in the betas:

  • General website compatibility
  • Extension compatibility
  • Debugging using Web Inspector
  • Typing in the Smart Search Field while using multiple displays
  • Viewing videos on sites such as Netflix and YouTube
  • Address and Password AutoFill
  • Adding a new Google account to Internet Accounts by logging in to a Google
  • Customizing the toolbar using the “Customize Toolbar” sheet
  • Navigating and clicking Favorites and Top Sites using VoiceOver
  • Selecting “Show in Collections” while editing bookmarks
  • Navigating and clicking in web pages using VoiceOver
  • Ruby text selection
  • Web pages that display dashed or dotted borders
  • RTL web pages that contain media controls
  • Web pages that use -webkit-filter
  • Web pages with vertical text that use -webkit-text-underline-position:
  • Web pages that have animated GIFs and use -webkit-transform • Web videos that use WebVTT with non-ASCII subtitles
  • Web pages that use list-style-type: hebrew
  • Using VoiceOver on web pages that contain MathML
  • These features are only available in Safari 8.0.5:
    Syncing browsing history between devices using iCloud
    Using “Add Image to Photos” context menu item on an image

The betas are available to download for developers through the Mac Developer Center, linked to below.

[via Apple]