Casetify will create a custom Apple Watch band for just $50

Casetify DIY Apple Watch bands

The Apple Watch is not a cheap piece of technology, and the bands that will strap the little device to your wrist aren’t, either, if you buy them from Apple.

But, there are options. Just as any Apple product, the Watch is looking to have a pretty healthy third-party accessories market, even if some of the more prominent ones are trying to find funds through Kickstarter projects. That’s not the case with Casetify, though, a site that’s built a name for itself by creating custom cases of the iPhone and iPad, which plans on doing the same thing for bands for the Apple Watch.

Casetify will allow you to design your own Apple Watch band, and they’ll have straps that fit either the 38mm or 42mm casings. The site will let you build your own from your own images, or photos you have taken, or from a host of custom looks that the site has put together. Photos can be added from Facebook or Instagram, too, so if you really like that image of a chocolate cake, your Apple Watch can help you show it off.

Casetify designed Watch bands

The bands are polycarbonate silicone and they’ll run $50 each. The site’s strength is on the design-it-yourself aspect, but they will also have on offer a series of pre-designed watch bands as well, some of which can be seen just above. Casetify says the customized bands will begin shipping in June.

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