Firefox browser demoed on jailbroken iPhone ahead of release

Firefox for iOS

Last December, Mozilla confirmed it had caved in and finally decided to develop an iOS version of its popular Firefox browser. It isn’t quite ready for its App Store debut yet, but those with jailbroken devices are already using the beta and giving us a glimpse at how it works.

The three-minute video below, which was uploaded to YouTube by French channel TouchManage, demonstrates a pre-release Firefox build running on a jailbroken iPhone 6 Plus. If you’ve ever used Firefox on Android before, you’ll already be familiar with its design.

That’s because both the Android and iOS versions of Firefox look pretty similar — as you might expect. In addition, despite this being a beta build of the browser, it appears to be very snappy at loading webpages, and switching between open tabs.

The video also shows off some of Firefox’s features, which include a home page of your favorite sites; dedicated buttons for things like bookmarks, history, and favorites; the ability to switch default search engines; and simple sharing to email, messages, social networks, and more.

Mozilla still hasn’t provided us with a release date for Firefox for iOS, unfortunately, but this beta seems to suggest a public release isn’t too far off now.

If you have a jailbroken device and you’d like to try the pre-release builds, you can download the Firefox .ipa package now for manual installation.

[via Reddit]