How to get iPhone 6 Plus Display Zoom-like scaling options, landscape Home Screen mode on older iPhones

littleBrotherOne of the options that you’ll find on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only is the ability to change the screen resolution from standard to zoom or vice versa. LittleBrother is a jailbreak tweak by popular iOS developer Ryan Petrich which ports this feature to older devices as well.

With the tweak installed, users of older iPhone models such as the iPhone 5s can easily adjust the resolution of their screen like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus as well as enable landscape mode on the Lock screen or the Home screen.

I’m pretty impressed by the performance of the tweak as it doesn’t create any glitches or issues and works smoothly just like normal iOS.

Once you’ve install LittleBrother from Cydia, head to its preference pane from the stock Settings pane to play around with the features it provides. There, you’ll find three zoom options which you can choose; Large, Medium and Small. The default zoom is Large. The Medium and the Small options reduce the zoom scale accordingly and add a new row of icons to the Home screen.

You’ll also find toggles for enabling landscape mode for the Home screen or the Lock screen. Right below these toggles, there’s also a preview of the Home screen so that you can see how the resolution will change based on the zoom options you choose. Once you’re done, simply press the Set button in the top right corner for the new changes to take place.


The best option in my opinion is the medium one as it maintains the smooth performance of iOS. The tweak also doesn’t recommend users to set the resolution to small on some unsupported devices as it might cause glitches and bother the eyes.

Keep in mind that once you change the resolution, it applies to most parts of iOS such as the Settings pane, conversations in the Messages app etc., but the App Store maintains its original resolution regardless of the zoom option you choose.

LittleBrother is a solid tweak that brings the zooming feature of the new iPhone models to older ones. If you’re interested to give it a try, you can purchase it now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.