Gmail 4.0 for iOS adds support for interactive notifications, so you can finally respond and archive emails quickly

Gmail for iOS

Google has just released v4.0 of their Gmail app for iOS that takes advantages of some of the new APIs and enhancements added by Apple in iOS 8. Post the update, users will be able to directly archive or reply to an email right from the app’s notification prompt. The feature works throughout the OS including the notification center and lock screen.

Additionally, the latest version of Gmail now integrates with the share sheet menu of iOS 8. This means that it will be possible for users to share images, documents and other supported file types to the Gmail app directly from inside another app.

Lastly, Google has also included a new attachment viewer that allows users to open attachments from the Gmail app to any other app.

The full changelog of the update is below:

  • Take quick actions – Archive or reply to messages directly from a notification

  • Email files from other apps – Attach photos and comments to Gmail right from your favorite apps

  • New attachment viewer – Open attachments from Gmail into any app

Download: Gmail for iOS