HTC unveils the Grip, a wearable with iOS support

image HTC Grip

In the land of wearables, there are plenty of options with cross-platform support, but many that don’t as well. So when HTC, a company well known for its Android efforts, unveils a new wearable that boasts iOS support, it’s at least worth mentioning.

The Grip is worth noting for its partnership, with HTC dealing up with Under Armor to bring the wearable to market. The Grip features a 1.8-inch PMOLED curved display, and it can show notifications from the iOS-based device. It can also track activities while you do them, like cycling and running. The Grip will also support syncing data with Under Armor’s Record platform, of which the software will provide recommendations for your next workouts.

HTC says the Grip is waterproof, too, and HTC says the wearable can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The 100mAh battery can offer up to 5 hours of life with its GPS on, or up to 2.5 days with “every day usage.”

HTC also confirmed that the Grip will begin rolling out to retailers sometime in the spring of 2015, and that it will cost $199.99 when it does land.

What do you think of the Grip?

[via HTC]