Instagram announces ‘Layout,’ a new app to build collages with your pictures

Instagram layout

Instagram has built itself up as one of the go-to apps on mobile devices to share pictures, and now its unveiled a brand new way to build collages (and share them), too.

It’s called Instagram Layout, and the company says it’s available for iOS devices right now. It’s available for the iPhone right now, and it’s a free app. With Layout, users will be able to build their customized collages with the photos that are already available on their device. There’s specific features baked in, like Faces, which will make it easier for a user to build a collage of someone, or one that features people in general.

You can drag and drop photos into specific sections of the collage, zoom in, rotate, or do whatever else is prudent for your creation.

Instagram is also boasting a “Photo Booth” feature within the new Layout app, which will allow users to tap to start a countdown, which will then instantly snap a few photos that Layout will arrange into a collage when it’s done.

Head on through the download link below to try it out, and let us know what you think.

Download: — Layout from Instagram