iOS 8 adoption rate climbs to 77% while iOS 7 drops down to 20%

image iOS 8

Apple today updated its iOS 8 adoption numbers to reflect that it is now running on 77% of iOS devices out there. The data was measured by Apple based on the devices that access the App Store on March 16, 2015.

iOS 7 adoption rate fell down to 20%, while earlier versions of iOS are still running on 3% of iOS devices that frequently access the App Store.

iOS 8 adoption rate

The data released by Apple at the beginning of this month showed iOS 8’s adoption rate at 75 percent. It is likely that the 2% boost in iOS 8’s adoption number must have been fueled by the release of iOS 8.2, which added support for Apple Watch and packed a number of bugfixes and stability improvements.

Despite coming with a number of major new features like Continuity and Extensions, the adoption rate of iOS 8 among consumers has been slow mainly due to the numerous reports of the OS being unstable and ridden with bugs. However, since the release of iOS 8 in September last year, Apple has worked hard on fixing these bugs by releasing iOS 8.1 and 8.2.

[Via Apple]