‘iPhone 7’ will stick with LCD display, rather than OLED, analyst predicts


The next iPhone is probably going to stick with the “s” nomenclature, in one way or another, and an analyst prediction states that the next iPhones are going to stick with LCD displays.

The Apple Watch is a departure of sorts for Apple, and not just because it’s a smartwatch. The display is actually OLED, and not an LCD panel, as the company typically uses for its other devices. Like the iPhone. Now, according to a new analyst note from JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang, the new Japan Display facility that Apple has already invested in, has the potential of churning out nearly 100 million 5-inch LTPS LCD panels for Apple, each year.

According to Chang, this deal with Japan Display indicates that Apple’s not yet ready to ditch LCD panels for its smartphone lineup, and that Apple will continue to use this display technology all the way up to the “iPhone 7.”

Do you think Apple should switch to OLED for its smartphone displays, or is LCD good enough?

[via AppleInsider]