New TinyUmbrella beta released; allows you to fetch SHSH blob from A7/A8 devices on iOS 8.1.2 or lower


Few days back, Semaphore aka notcom, developer of TinyUmbrella, had released a beta version that allowed you to save SHSH blobs for iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3.

He has now released a new version of TinyUmbrella beta (

As promised, the new version allows you to fetch SHSH blobs from the device, which means that it will allow you to fetch SHSH blobs for iOS 8.1.2 or lower, which Apple is not signing currently. This could be a game changer for jailbreakers, as it means that you could be able to use the iOS 8.1.2 or lower SHSH blobs to stitch a custom IPSW file, and restore your device to iOS 8.1.2 or lower, that can be jailbroken using TaiG and PPJailbreak. This can come in handy for jailbreakers who are accidentally or were forced to upgrade to iOS 8.2 or later in the future.

We would still need a tool that will allow you to create the custom IPSW file like Redsn0w to be updated for iOS 8.

TinyUmbrella currently supports the following A7 and A8 devices:

  • A7 Devices include:
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPad Air
    • iPad Mini 2 (retina)
    • iPad Mini 3
  • A8 Devices include:
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6 plus
    • iPad Air 2

iH8sn0w is expected to release an update for iFaith to support the older devices.

You will also need a jailbroke iOS device and AFC2 installed (Search Apple File Conduit “2” in Cydia) to be able to save SHSH blobs from your device.

To fetch the SHSH blobs from your device, launch the new TinyUmbrella beta, right click on your device in the left pane and then click on the “Fetch SHSH on device” option.

TinyUmbrella - Fetch SHSH on device

You can download the latest version of TinyUmbrella Umbrella from Semaphore’s website. You can follow our video guide below if you need help.

➤ How to save SHSH blobs for your iPhone or iPad using the new TinyUmbrella beta

Download TinyUmbrella

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via TinyUmbrella’s website]