Some Retina MacBook Pro owners complaining the anti-reflective display coating is wearing off

image rMBP anti-reflective coating

Technology can be a vicious thing sometimes, especially when something starts to fade. Or wear off. When it comes to the anti-reflective coating on the display of Retina MacBook Pros, some customers are starting to see some less-than-stellar results.

According to a report published by MacRumors, and citing a growing number of customers flocking to the Apple Support forums, the publication’s own forums and even Facebook, many customers are reporting issues with the anti-reflective display coating on their MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apparently the issue is present on a range of MacBook Pros with Retina, including the mid-2012 model and even the most recent models.

According to the varying complaints, the anti-reflective coating is wearing off under a wide number of reasons, including being cleaned with microfiber cloths or other third-party cleaning solutions, or even just due to pressure from the trackpad and/or keyboard when the lid is closed. Most of the complaints show that the wearing off happens in small areas, but there are some users that are showing how the anti-reflective coating has faded away in giant streaks and areas.

I had the exact same problem, and I followed the cleaning instructions on the Apple website: a lint free cloth and a small amount of water,” writes MacRumors forum member wj2. “Was trying to remove a mark in the corner of my screen and a shiny scratch appeared on the bezel. It grew in size and it looked like the coating on the bezel was coming off like everyone is saying. Started happening at the top of my display by the camera also. I looked it up and stumbled across this same forum and realized that it was a problem that I should take up with Apple.

image rMBP anti-reflective coating2

Unfortunately, getting the issue fixed from an Apple Store seems to be mixed, with some owners reporting that the issue has fallen under a one-year limited warranty request, and the fix was issued without trouble. The problem falls under AppleCare as well. However, for those who don’t fit that bill are told the fix will cost hundreds of dollars.

The issue has certainly begun to take off recently, even if the overall complaint isn’t all that new. According to the original report, the complaints date back to August 2013, and the issue has seen almost 100,000 views in a variety of forums and threads.

Are you experiencing the issue yourself?

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