Analyst estimates Apple received more than 2.3 million Apple Watch pre-orders


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates in his latest note that Apple received nearly 2.3 million pre-orders for the Apple Watch.

The analyst has based his prediction on the basis of the production capacity of the smartwatch. Kuo estimates that Apple will likely produce 2.3 million units of the Apple Watch by May, with production beginning back in March itself. Hence, based on the estimated shipping time frame of July from Apple itself, Kuo estimates that Apple has received 2.3 million pre-orders for the Apple Watch.

He states in his note that Apple is looking to expand the production of the Apple Watch to 2-3 million units in a month, which the company might be able to achieve in June provided the production does not run into some issues. He furthers adds that the vibrators used inside the Apple Watch and the AMOLED display — which is being supplied by LG Display — are proving to be a bottleneck in production of the smartwatch going ahead in full steam.

The vibration motor inside the Apple Watch needs to be fit in a much smaller space than on the iPhone, and needs to vibrate at a more accurate frequency, which is leading to issues. Similarly, the AMOLED display on the Apple Watch must have good color  reproduction and long life span so that it can be used on the device.

A report from Sling earlier this week predicted that Apple received 1 million pre-orders for the Apple Watch in the United States alone.

Kuo also mentions in his note that he is not sure whether the Apple Watch will be a hit among consumers or not. Despite selling out within six hours of going up for pre-order, the interest in Apple Watch among customers seems to be low, with only die-hard Apple fans talking about it.

[Via MacRumors]