Apple releases first OTA update for Apple Watch, reveals some interesting details


Apple has released iOS 8.2 for Apple Watch, making it the first firmware released for the device just before tomorrow’s launch day.

As Callum Jones aka @icj_ points out, the release is an OTA update. I’m assuming that users who get their Apple Watch tomorrow will be able to install the iOS 8.2 OTA update (build number: ).

The OTA update for Apple Watch reveals some interesting details:

  • Apple calls the operating system running on the Apple Watch as Watch OS, but as expected it seems to be running a modified version of iOS.
  • There are two firmware versions for Apple Watch, one seems to be for the 38mm model and another for the 42mm model. The firmware prefix for the 38mm Apple Watch model is Watch1,1 and 42mm model is Watch1,2.
  • Cydia developer Steve Troughton-Smith points out that the firmware for Apple Watch is running most of iOS 8.2 with Carousel instead of SpringBoard. SpringBoard is the launcher used in iOS devices.
  • Troughton-Smith also points out that the firmware features a PowerVR SGX543 driver. Apple had used PowerVR SGX543 graphical processing unit in A5 chip, which powered iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.
  • The OTA update for Apple Watch is approximately 108MB.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the hackers to jailbreak Apple Watch.