Apple Store app reportedly coming to the Apple Watch soon

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Right now, there are ways to shop from big box retailers from the Apple Watch, in one way or another. But, curiously, Apple is missing from that list.

That will be changing soon, though, according to a report published recently by 9to5Mac. The report, which cites unnamed sources, indicates that Apple is currently finishing up work on an Apple Store app that supports the Apple Watch. It also says that the update for the Apple Store iOS app, both for the iPhone and iPad, will be arriving soon, but no exact dates were provided.

What the app will be able to do from the wrist is unknown as well, but it would stand to reason that some shopping will more than likely be able to be done from the wrist-worn device. More than that, though, the Apple Store app for the Watch will more than likely work as another means of notifications. Being notified of an impending Apple Store appointment, and not having to dismiss it by removing the phone from a pocket will probably make some folks quite happy.

Do you use the Apple Store app?

[via 9to5Mac]