Apple will fix Watch performance issues ahead of April 24 launch

Apple Watch

One of the biggest complaints about the Apple Watch that you’ll find in all of the early reviews concerns its performance problems. But Apple has already confirmed that it will release a software update to fix these ahead of the Watch’s April 24 launch.

“Right now, it’s disappointing to see the Watch struggle with performance,” reads The Verge’s review of Apple Watch. “Rendering notifications can slow everything down to a crawl. Buttons can take a couple taps to register.”

The Verge, like many others, noted that it felt as if Apple Watch was being deliberately throttled to increase battery life, which ultimately resulted in a poor experience at times. Performance was particularly problematic when pulling data from an iPhone.

Fortunately for those who are planning to pre-order the Watch on April 10, Apple has vowed to fix some of these issues — loading data from third-party apps in particular — in a software update that will be available before the device begins shipping on April 24.

This means that it won’t take quite as long to load data from apps like Twitter, Tweetbot, The New York Times, and CNN, which are crucial to the Watch’s success. Without third-party apps like these, the device wouldn’t be half as useful — but if they’re too slow to use, most people will just resort to using them on their iPhone instead.

Apple has not specified other problems it will address, however, or when future updates will be available. But it’s nice to know it already has a fix for some of the performance complaints, and it will surely continue to improve the Apple Watch’s software over time.

You’ll be able to pre-order your Apple Watch starting at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, April 10. Bear in mind, however, that not all models may be available for launch day shipping.