AppleCare+ pricing for Apple Watch starts at $49, goes up to $1,500

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If you’re worried about breaking your shiny new Apple Watch, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple is now offering AppleCare+ cover for all three variants of the device. Prices start at just $49, but cover can cost up to $1,500, depending on which Watch you go for.

As you might expect, the $49 plan covers the most affordable Apple Watch Sport — regardless of whether you choose the 38mm or 42mm case size. AppleCare+ for the midrange Apple Watch is $69, but for Apple Watch Edition it will cost you $1,500.

Apple is also offering AppleCare+ plans that cover both your Apple Watch and your iPhone together, but they’re really just for convenience rather than to save you money. As noted by MacRumorsthey actually cost $1 more than buying AppleCare+ for your iPhone and Watch separately.

If you want to cover an iPhone and Apple Watch Sport, then, it’ll cost you $149. It’s $169 to cover an iPhone and the midrange Apple Watch, and $1,600 to cover an iPhone and Apple Watch Edition.


There is one advantage to buying AppleCare+ for both devices, however: while regular AppleCare+ for iPhone must be purchased within 60 days, AppleCare+ for iPhone and Apple Watch combined can be applied to your phone up to six months after you bought it.

Not only will AppleCare+ cover your Watch for accidental damage for up to two incidents, it will also extend its warranty from one to two years if you have an Apple Watch Sport or midrange Apple Watch, and to three years if you have a Watch Edition.

But don’t think you’re done paying for coverage once you’ve bought AppleCare+. If your Watch needs replacing because you broke it, there is an additional service charge for each incident. It’s only $69 for the Sport and $79 for the midrange Apple Watch, but if you need a replacement Watch Edition, you’ll be paying an extra $1,000.