ClassicSwitcher 3: Upcoming jailbreak tweak to bring iOS 6 App Switcher to iOS 8

If you’ve been following the jailbreak community lately, hearing the name ‘CoolStar’ will ring some bells. In fact, the developer recently released a new tweak known as ClassicFolders for iOS 8. He is best known for his popular tool ‘SemiRestore‘ that restores your iOS device without losing the jailbreak.

CoolStar has teased in a Twitter post his upcoming jailbreak tweak that is the sequel of ClassicSwitcher and will support iOS 8 devices. The tweet shows a snapshot of the ClassicSwitcher 3 tweak that is in the works and reads “We’re back, now fast as ever, modern and compatible with Reduce Motion!”.

If you’ve never heard of the tweak before, it brings back the old iOS 6 App Switcher to new versions of iOS as shown in the screenshot above. Instead of viewing the preview cards of active apps in the App Switcher, ClassicSwitcher replaces it with the iOS 6 style which features app icons only rather than preview cards.

ClassicSwitcher currently supports iOS 7 devices but the sequel of the tweak is supposed to be an improved version of ClassicSwitcher and will support iOS 8 devices as well.

There’s no information on how much the tweak will cost or when will it be available. Stay tuned with us to find out when ClassicSwitcher 3 hits the Cydia store.