Customers lineup outside fashion stores that will be selling the Apple Watch later today

Customers lineup for Apple Watch

Apple loyalists and prospective Apple Watch buyers have started lining up outside of fashion stores where the Apple Watch will be available for purchase later today.

Apple is not selling the Apple Watch directly through its retail stores, but it will be selling the smartwatch in limited quantities through fashion stores like Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Maxfield in Los Angeles, the Corner in Berlin and 10 Corso Como in Milan.

These shops have only received a limited number of Apple Watch Sports with 38mm and 42mm bands in three different colors. They will also carry the Apple Watch with sports band or classic buckle in both sizes, with the Milanese Loop being available only in 38mm size.

Some confused customers in Australia also lined up outside of Apple’s retail store despite the company not selling the smartwatch in its retail stores.

Will you be getting the Apple Watch today?

[Via MacRumors]