The first prototype of the Apple Watch was an iPhone rigged to a ‘very nicely designed’ velcro strap

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Ever wondered how the first prototype of the Apple Watch looked like? A report from Wired on the Apple Watch reveals that first prototype of the Apple Watch was an iPhone rigged to a “very nicely designed” Velcro strap. 

The report also revels that since the software of the Apple Watch was progressing faster than the hardware, the team at Apple ended up building a simulator that displayed a life size image of the Apple Watch on the iPhone’s screen. The team even replicated the digital crown of the Watch with an onscreen digital crown, though it (obviously) failed to replicate the feeling of turning a physical crown. So, they built a real watch crown that plugged to the iPhone from the bottom.

As David Pierce from Wired puts it, the first prototype of the Apple Watch was more like “10,000 Kickstarter projects, just a weird iPhone case with a strange accessory sticking out of it.”

Apple Watch - Digital crown

The report also reveals many other intriguing stories of how the Apple Watch came to be what it is today.

While it is already known that Apple started working on the watch a few years ago, the report reveals that, more precisely, the company’s design team started talking (and working) on the Apple Watch when they were busy working on iOS 7. The design team would work on iOS 7 in the daytime, while late-night discussions of the team turned towards the Apple Watch and other devices from the company.

When the team set out to build the Watch, they had no idea what its exact purpose was going to be, except for showing time. But during the course of the development, the Apple team realised that the smartphone is ruining the life of its users because of its constant buzzing and ringing, thereby immediately diverting the attention of the user towards it.

Thus, the Apple Watch found its true purpose: to filter out all the useless notifications and only show users what’s important. It is the solution to the problem that was created by Apple itself when it launched the original iPhone in 2007.

Make sure to head over to Wired to read other interesting tidbits on how the Apple Watch was developed.