Google adds Notification Center widget and more to Chrome browser in latest update

Chrome for iOS

Google has updated its Chrome web browser for iOS on April 16, adding plenty of noteworthy features in the latest release.

Specifically, the update brings Chrome in line with the latest features added to iOS 8, including Notification Center widgets and app extensions. With the former, users will be able to quickly launch a voice search just by accessing the widget, as well as open up a new tab within the browser. And with the latter, Chrome gains support for extensions from other apps, including 1Password and others.

Here’s what’s officially new, from Google:

    What’s new
    – Start searching and browsing faster: quick access to Voice Search and open new tabs from the Today View
    – Ergonomically-designed: Pull to reload and open/close tabs
    – Support for iOS App Extensions, such as 1Password and LastPass
    – Easily open links copied from other apps

With the “Voice Search” or “New Tab” options, users will have Chrome open up directly after being initiated, which should make the experience much simpler and faster for users, especially if searching for something is time sensitive.

The update is available now, and Chrome is a free download from the iOS App Store, with a link below for those that want to try it out.


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