iOS 8 adoption rate jumps to 81% seven months after its release

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As per the latest data from Apple’s App Store Distribution, iOS 8 is now installed on 81 percent of iOS devices out there. 

Apple had released iOS 8 with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September last year. While the latest version of iOS comes with many new features like Hand-off and Continuity, it was also remarkably buggy. Apple has released multiple point releases of iOS since then to improve the stability and performance of the OS, but the overall stability is still not like previous iOS versions.

iOS 8 adoption rate

The adoption rate of iOS 8 has been slower than previous versions of the OS due to these reasons. Another reason behind its slow adoption, at least initially, was that the amount of free storage space on the handset to do an OTA update. The Cupertino company had fixed this issue with a future point release of iOS 8 that also freed up space on iPhones with low-storage space.

The most recent release of iOS — iOS 8.3 — brings with it Apple Watch compatibility, a redesigned emoji keyboard and plethora of bugfixes among other things.

Reports have indicated that Apple will focus towards performance and stability with the next major release of iOS, which the company is all set to unveil at WWDC in June this year.