‘iPad mini 4’ rear shell with iPad Air 2 design reportedly revealed in new video

image iPad mini 4 rear shell

The iPad mini 3 came along with the iPad Air 2, but unlike the larger newer iPad, the iPad mini 3 was a bit of a letdown when compared to the iPad mini 2.

So, rumors of an “iPad mini 4” are probably right on schedule to get people excited for whatever Apple has coming down the pipe. According to a new video published recently, which allegedly showcases the rear shell with an iPad Air 2-like design, this is what the back panel of the iPad mini 4 will look like. The video was published by French site Nowhereelse.fr [translated], and the site speculates that this is an early production model.

image iPad mini 4 rear shell2

The rear shell does look quite familiar to the current generation iPad mini unit, but with a single row of large speaker holes, along with the removal of a Mute switch, the iPad Air 2 characteristics are impossible to ignore.

The iPad mini 4, or whatever Apple calls it, is rumored to be as thin as the iPad Air 2, but that would certainly only be one element that Apple would have to update to get potential buyers interested in picking up the smaller iPad model. Newer hardware under the hood, and probably a better screen, would go a long way in winning folks over.

What would an iPad mini 4 need for you to be interested in buying one?

[via MacRumors; Nowhereelse.fr]