I’ve had a rocky relationship with the iPad for five years

iPad Air 2 F

Five years ago, Apple launched the iPad. Immediately after that, people started making fun of the name, and even sketch comedy juggernaut Saturday Night Live made light of it. Of course, Apple took it very seriously back then, just as it does with every one of its products, and made sure that it was a tablet that people wanted.

And it was. There’s no doubt that the iPad not only revolutionized a market that was, for all intents and purposes, dead, but it also brought in a love for all-touchscreen devices with gigantic screens. That would eventually trickle down to our smartphones, too, and while Apple was late to the game in that specific regard, being first doesn’t always matter.

In any event, five years ago the iPad was launched alongside plenty of jokes and jabs, but none of that mattered because Apple’s tablet turned into a juggernaut of its own. It revitalized an entire market, and it’s managed to stay at the head of that market ever since. Every manufacturer under the sun has launched a tablet of some kind or variation in between then and now, but none of them have caught on like the iPad.

Gushing over the tablet from Apple is easy, but in all honesty the iPad was one of the first mainstream gadgets out there that, after I used it for a bit of time, made me realize that not every product is going to be what I want. Or need. It doesn’t matter how admittedly great something is, or how badly I might want it because it’s “new and shiny.” In the end, if it doesn’t actually serve a purpose in a daily routine, well, there’s just no reason to have it.

I had the first iPad for what felt like a long time, and I thought I loved it. It had some great apps, and playing games on it was great. It also kept my almost-two-year-old busy when nothing else would. And then at some point, who knows when, I just stopped using it and it found its way into a drawer.

I’ve picked up every iPad since, including every iPad mini, and it’s been the same routine. I try it out, I like it for what it is and what it can do, but then I ultimately realize that it’s not actually going to get used all that often, not nearly enough to justify the price tag, and so it goes back to the store or finds another home.

I love the iPad because it’s a great tablet, and I know a lot of people who have had one by their side ever since the device’s launch five years ago. Inseparable, even. That hasn’t been the case for me at all, until recently. Until I picked up the iPad Air 2.

Despite the fact that I loved the original iPad mini, and the iPad mini 2 even more, it hasn’t been until I used the iPad Air 2 that I found a tablet that I not only wanted to use all the time, but actually keep. It might boil down to just how light and thin the device is, but I don’t even care if that’s all it took. I’ve wanted to keep an iPad for years now, and the iPad Air 2 was able to smooth down the rocky road we’ve been on for years and finally give me something I’m ultimately happy with.

I’ve been in an “it’s complicated” relationship with the iPad for a long time, and there were models that I didn’t miss at all when we finally parted ways. But the iPad Air 2 comes along with me everywhere these days, and it’s become a tool that I take full advantage of without any hesitation. No buyer’s remorse here.

It may have taken almost five years to finally give me a product I wanted, but it was well worth the wait.

Which iPad has been your favorite to date? Or have you managed to skip Apple’s tablet altogether?