Only ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ may feature Force Touch

image Apple Watch Force Touch

A report from Economic Daily News claims that Apple’s new Force Touch technology could remain exclusive to the bigger iPhone 6s Plus. 

The report does not mention anything about the iPhone 6s coming with Force Touch, which has led to speculations that the smaller iPhone might not come with the feature at all.

Additionally, the report reveals that TPK will be supplying Apple with the pressure sensors required for Force Touch. The company is also responsible for supplying the Force Touch sensor on the Apple Watch. Since the iPhone 6s Plus will feature a 5.5-inch screen, the Force Touch sensor for it will be 2.5x times more costly than the sensor for the tiny screen of the Apple Watch.

Various reports from different sources over the last few months have stated that the next-generation iPhones will indeed come with Force Touch. However, this is the first time that a report is claiming that the feature will remain exclusive to the bigger iPhone 6s Plus.

Apart from the difference in screen size and battery, the difference between the current generation iPhones is only limited to the camera. While the 8MP camera on the iPhone 6 Plus features OIS, the iPhone 6 only comes with EIS. However, the difference between the camera performance of the two handsets are barely noticeable in real life. Thus, it will be unlikely that Apple will end up keeping Force Touch exclusive only for the iPhone 6s Plus.

Will you end up buying the iPhone 6s Plus if the iPhone 6s does not come with Force Touch?

[Source UDN | Via GforGames]