Apple’s new MacBook shows up in an early unboxing video


The new MacBook was unveiled in March, and won’t go on sale until April 10, but that hasn’t stopped the Vietnamese site from posting an early unboxing video anyway.

The site was able to get a brand new silver-clad MacBook and put it in front of the camera, showing off the brand new portable with its single USB-C port. The video is in Vietnamese, so keep that in mind when you hit the play button to check out the new hardware. The visuals do a good job of showing off the new MacBook’s features, including the edge-to-edge keyboard, the aforementioned single USB-C port, and just how slim the device is in general.

The new MacBook will go up for sale on April 10, but unlike the Apple Watch pre-orders don’t appear to be on the docket.

Do you plan on picking up the new MacBook?

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