NextGenUI5 completely changes your iPhone UI

Jailbreaking is all about giving you the freedom to do whatever you’d like to with your device. Maybe it’s just a simple tweak, a theme, or you just want to be able to natively browse your directories with iFile. But, what if you want to completely change the way you device looks and operates? That’s when you take a look at NextGenUI5.

It’s not every day that at theme like this comes out. It completely changes the way you use your device. There’s only 1 page and you put your icons, folders, or widgets wherever you’d like on that page. You can move them, resize them, put them in a cluster, or of course delete them.


At first glance NextGenUI5 looks complicated, but it’s not. It’s pretty simple really. You have a main “iPhone” button (pictured above). If you tap on that, you’ll get a list of all your apps to choose from or search through. Or you can just press the home button to bring up the list.


If you want to put an app, widget, or create folder on your springboard, then just tap an hold on any empty space and choose what you’d like.


If you put icons, folders, widgets close enough to one another, they’ll become linked into a cluster. Which is just for visual appeal than anything else.


You can even completely change the color of the theme within the settings giving you almost limitless color choices.


Of course, we have a run down of all the features and how they work in the video below, be sure to check it out!

NextGenUI5 is available for $4.99 in Cydia. Let us know what you think about NextGenUI5 in the comments below! Will you be checking it out for yourself?