Nokia reportedly targeting Apple to buy its HERE Maps

image Nokia HERE Maps

In March, Nokia’s HERE Maps app finally returned to the iOS App Store, adding another option to the mapping services available on Apple’s iOS-based devices.

However, Nokia’s division related to the mapping service is still struggling, and as a result Nokia is reportedly seeking companies to buy it. According to a report recently published by Bloomberg, Nokia is currently targeting several different companies in an effort to get one of them to buy the division and take it off its hands. Nokia, for its part, bought the assets needed to launch HERE back in 2008 for upwards of $8.1 billion.

The report indicates Nokia is looking at Alibaba, Amazon and especially Apple for this purchase. Other options include Facebook, Sirius XM and even Baidu. This path for Nokia is not that big of a surprise, considering the HERE Maps division has been losing money, but Nokia as a whole has been repositioning itself to focus on selling network equipment. Ditching the maps division would mean one less thing distracting from that goal.

As far as Apple goes, though, buying the HERE Maps division and its technology would certainly be used to boost Apple’s own Maps feature. Recently, a report surfaced that suggested Apple is again looking to bring public transit information to its Maps app, something that has been missing for quite some time.

[via Bloomberg]