Qantas airline’s boarding pass scanners won’t read Apple Watch boarding passes

Qantas Apple Watch app

Recently, the Qantas airline’s iOS app was updated to support the Apple Watch, so that flyers could use the wearable to show their boarding pass and hopefully make the process faster.

Unfortunately, as some flyers have noted, it didn’t end up working like that. As reported by the Brisbane Times, the Australian-based airline is having some trouble with its boarding pass scanners and the Apple Watch itself. The reason? The Apple Watch just doesn’t fit under the scanner.

The boarding pass on the Qantas Apple Watch app is similar to the other airline apps out there, meaning that the individual QR code tied to the airline ticket is showcased on the Watch’s display. With the correct hardware to read that QR code, the wearer could simply scan the wearable and move on.

Several different Twitter users noted the inability to place the Watch correctly under the scanner, and eventually Qantas would confirm that it was aware of the issue. At the same time, via its own Twitter account, Qantas confirmed that it is “assessing” the situation. Unfortunately, a timeframe for any changes isn’t known at this point.

While it’s great to think that technology will always work from one device to the next, unfortunately that’s not always the case. Hopefully, for Apple Watch owners and Qantas flyers, the scanners can get replaced with units that will read the wearable.

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