12-inch MacBook to be available in Apple Stores from the end of May

image Apple MacBook

Apple has said in an internal memo sent to its retail employees that the 12-inch MacBook will be available for purchase in all its retail stores across the world from May 25th.

Apple had unveiled the 12-inch MacBook at its ‘Spring Forward’ event in March, with the laptop going on sale in early April. However, it was only available for purchase through the company’s online store with most of the Apple Stores in the United States not even having a display unit.

Apple notes in its memo that the 12-inch MacBook should be available in “limited quantities” across “select” stores in the United States, U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, China, Italy, Australia and a few other regions of the world. In other regions of the world though like Turkey, Apple Stores don’t even have the 12-inch MacBook for display, which the company is hoping to rectify by the end of this month.

The Apple Watch, which Apple had launched alongside the 12-inch MacBook, continues to be available exclusively through Apple’s Online Store due to supply issues. The smartwatch is expected to be available for purchase directly through Apple Stores from June.

[Via 9t05Mac]