Add custom systems sounds for the most unique iPhone possible

Silence is boring and iPhones can be pretty boring too. That’s why jailbreakers enjoy having the ability to add tweaks and customize their devices, allowing them to stand out in a sea of similar devices. So, if you ever wanted to hear a cool sound when your phone booted up, or whenever you locked your screen, there is a tweak for that.

Add custom systems sounds for the most unique iPhone possible

Head over to Cydia and search for Echo by fidele007. Tap install, and then Respring you device. Of course to do any of this, you will need to be jailbroken.

Echo - Cydia

Once your device is back on, head over into Settings and scroll down into the area where all your jaibreak tweaks are located. Select Echo out of the group and you will be taken to the tweak’s settings menu. Here is where you will find a large list of system settings and actions to which you can add unique sounds.

Echo - Menu - SettingsTo add a sound to a particular action, select the action followed by the sound you want to accompany it. I decided to add a sound for when I lock the screen. In the Echo menu I selected, Lock sound -> DrawerOpening.mp3.



Echo - Lock sounds

When you select a sound, you will hear a preview. Make sure to have your volume switched ON. You can switch between sounds, or select NONE if you want the sound removed. Repeat this process for each option until you are satisfied with you new iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch sounds.

Echo - Sound Options


Let us know what sounds you chose, and offer some sounds the developer should add in his next update in the comment section.